We know you’re asking yourself – how is Hash Technologies disrupting the traditional IT Staffing model with something called DaaS? Well, let us take a few seconds to compare traditional IT Staffing to Hash Technologies’sDaaS.

First, with traditional IT Staffing companies, they will require three, six, or more commonly,twelve month contracts that you are forced into signing. Second, the talent you choose from a list of candidates will be billed to you for 40 hours of service regardless if that person is working on a task or sitting idle in your office looking at Facebook while they wait for their part of the assignment to be handed to them.

With Hash Technologies’s DaaS – Development-as-a-Service, there are no lengthy contracts – the service is month to month and no weekly 40 hour billing requirements. With ourDaaS model, our resources are only billing you when they are working on a task that you assigned to our DaaS team.When they are not working on a task for you, they are not being billed to you.

What We Do?

Just like with a staffing company, you provide us with the skill requirements needed for the talent. However, instead of one individual, we provide you with ateam of resources available on demand. During the week when you need a task completed, your PM enters a task into our task management system, our PM reviews and assigns it to an available member onour DaaSteam. That is when the billing starts, and when the work is completed, the billing stops. No more paying for resources while they sitidle waiting for their next task.

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